Tomatosoup with meatballs
Home-made cheese croquettes with a fresh herb-salad
Home-made shrimp croquettes with a fresh herb-salad
Scampi in garlic butter sauce
Scampi of the Chef
Scampi in currysauce
Scampi “Hof ter Dijle”
Salad with goat-cheese (entree)

Salad “Hof ter Dijle”
Salad with goat-chees

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Pasta with gamba, scampi and a vegetable sauce
Pasta with assorted vegetables and tomato sauce
Pasta with chicken, bacon and pesto

From the sea
Baked codfish fillet with a leek-cream sauce and leek-shoots
Grilled fillet of salmon with crunchy vegetables and a mustard sauce
Mixed grill of fish with tartar sauce and a fresh herb-salad
Fish stew
Scampi in currysauce
Scampi in garlic butter sauce
Scampi of the Chef
Grilled gamba with a fresh salad

Horse-fillet with baked mushrooms and a fresh herb-salad; add your choice of sauce
Beef-steak with your choice of sauce
Fillet of Chicken with a salad and your choice of sauce
Puff pastry with chicken and cream
Barbecue ribs: marinated, caramelized or with fresh garlic
Your choice of Sauce:

  • Pepper-cream sauce
  • Mushroom-cream sauce
  • Bearnaise sauce
  • Curry-cream sauce
  • Garlic-butter sauce
  • Meat sauce

All our dishes are served with your choice of french fries, croquettes, mashed potatoes, rosti potatoes or baked potatoes.

Coupe vanilla
Ice cream “Dame blanche”
Ice cream “Dame Noire”
Coupe Caramel
Coupe Brésilienne
Banana split
Banana Royal
Coupe “Advocaat”
“Tête de Negre”
Lava cake with vanilla ice cream and red fruit

Pancakes with Sugar
Pancakes with Syrup
Pancakes with vanilla ice cream
Pancakes “Mikado”
Pancakes are served between 2pm and 5.30pm only.